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The Hour Glass of Life

The Hour Glass of Life

This week we look at the hour-glass as it relates to our lives and a few things we could do to keep up and live aware of the fact that our lives have an hour-glass.

Some people call it sand-glass, sand-timersand-watch, or sand-clock but it does one thing, it measures the passage of time.

It generally doesn’t feel like that on a good day but that does not change the fact that the life we have is always counting down. Once in a while, you hear that somebody old, young, healthy or sick has died and suddenly we start thinking about it but the truth is that it is a fact life is counting down every second of every hour of every day!

I wonder what thoughts are going through your head now that I have reminded you of mortality.

Thoughts of actions that can be taken to make every day count OR disappointment in the emptiness of life?

The earlier option, in my view, is the best because that triggers the action that we all need to take to become who we are really made to be.

Talking of actions, what action will it be for you?

I ask because taking action in itself does not mean progress. The action that will count is that action taken based on carefully examining your life and finding out that thing that you believe you can do to move forward in life.

Take Full Responsibility

Like I always say, it will start from you and me taking full responsibility.

Identifying the areas that need action in our life to help us write the life’s story we would like to leave behind.

In many areas of the world today, there is crisis and war because of this problem. We look at problems and the first step is to find who to blame. But does this solve the problem?

I don’t know about you, but in the past I have only found comfort in fact that it’s somebody else’s fault. It has never really helped in any way other than encouraging me to stay the same and accept defeat.

This defeats the purpose of life!

Your life whether good or bad is your responsibility, so take that responsibility today and move yourself from point “problem” to point “success”.

Imagine a world where, we all start looking inside ourselves for solution and not looking outside for who to blame?

Surely, all the wars and conflicts will suddenly disappear!

Aim to Live Your Purpose

The next thing that we must do is to wake up every day and live life driven by your purpose not the events around us but with the urgency of creating a legacy.

A legacy that you can look back to and know that your life has been worth it.

I heard somewhere of mentor telling a mentee this: “If you die and all the people you know die, if there is nothing to remember you for, then your life wouldn’t have been worth it.”

Thankfully, it’s not too late for all of us reading this article; we still have the opportunity to retrace our steps and start heading in the direction of our purpose.

Whatever it is you will set out to do; be sure to live your purpose.

Stay Conscious of the Water Glass

Yes, the hour-glass of our lives is always running down.

Wake up to this reality, every day.

There is no discounted day, once lived, it’s forever lived. We must be conscious of this every day and not wait until we hear some bad news to be reminded.

So let’s start today, by realising that life is counting down, take responsibility, aim to live our purpose and stay conscious of the hour-glass.


To your success!


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