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The Mystery Switches of Happiness

The Mystery Switches of Happiness

The Mystery Switches of Happiness

The Mystery Switches of Happiness

It’s been said from so many researchers how happiness is key to good health, longevity, great relationship and even creativity.


And even to the layman on the topic of happiness, it surely feels better than sadness.


So the million dollar question becomes; how do we find the happiness switch every day to stay happy?


This is a question we must all find answers to individually to live a fulfilled life else we will have to wait for the March 20 United Nations International Happiness Day to be happy.


In the Nicomachean Ethics, written in 350 BCE, Aristotle stated that happiness (also being well and doing well) is the only thing that humans desire for its own sake, unlike riches, honour, health or friendship. He observed that we sought riches, or honour, or health not only for our own sake but also in order to be happy.


Before I go further, let me draw you to this explanation of happiness by Carlin Flora, from Psychology Today Magazine “happiness is maximised when you also feel part of a community. And when you confront annoyances and crises with grace. It involves a willingness to learn and stretch and grow, which sometimes involves discomfort. It requires acting on life, not merely taking it in. It’s not joy, a temporary exhilaration, or even pleasure, that sensual rush.”


I hope it is clear here that happiness here does not refer to laughter or smiles but an internal and personal feeling of peace.

We all agree that a happy person will have a better and very good life, relationship and business.

So how do we switch on the happiness button?


A story comes to mind immediately. Many years ago while I was at University, I’d been very ill with malaria and typhoid fever. In fact, I had been in bed for almost 2 weeks with persistent high fever and lack of appetite.


Then on one of the nights, it happened that my country won the Olympic Gold in football.  The whole city was excited and celebration!


I cannot explain what happened, but I jumped up from bed and joined. The sickness disappeared immediately because of extreme happiness.


Happiness had healed me from the gloomy and sick days.


I simply keyed into the happy event of the day and boom, sickness disappeared.


I have no doubt that this will work for everyone but the challenge is that we are being bombarded with bad news and we buy them in tonnes.


After a very extensive research on the topic of happiness, trying to identify how we can stay happy every day; here is how I think we can stay happy:


I have identified 3 switches which we must be ready to switch on depending on circumstance.

Let’s look at them:


  1. The Past and Future

Sometimes we find ourselves in a very terrible situation and it seems there is no way out. So we sit there, sad angry and wondering how we arrived at this place and how we can get out.


In this situation, your present predicament has nothing good to offer except sadness and frustration. This is when you must switch on “The Past and Future” switch.


Think about and focus on something that happened in the past; a very happy event that blew your mind and brought loads of joy!


You will notice that very good memories will bring you joy and most importantly hope that somehow, you will make it through the current situation.


If you can’t think of anything in the past, then look to the future with hope that soon things will turn around. Some people call it visualisation and there are so many testimonies that this works so why not use it as a source of hope that the happy days are coming.


  1. The Present

Switch on “the present” happiness switch when you find yourself focusing on terrible events that happened in the past and you are struggling to see any victories in the future.


To have happiness, you must forget the failures of the past and the fears for the future and focus on the present.


“Past events do not define future realities”


So focus in the present and consider the blessing of being alive, family, friends, job etc., recognising that you have problems because you are alive (which is huge) and very good reason to be happy.


  1. Other People

I told a story of recovering from illness because I was happy that my country won gold at the Olympics. But come to think of it, I did not really gain anything from the win, but I was happy for the young boys who have won gold.


So if you look around you past, future and present and you cannot find any reason to be happy, switch on the “other people” happiness switch. Where ever you are, you will find and hear good things happening to people around or far away from you. Just be happy for them.


If for no other reason, do it because the good and happy event gives you hope that one day the same will happen for you.


Remember that we are dealing with this topic of happiness because it is only when you are at peace with yourself that your creativity will explode.


There you have it. Get ready to use your switches today and let’s make the world a happy place and be ready to create great things in 2016.


Over to you and me too.


To your success!


As usual, please leave your comments below and share the message with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Have a great week and speak again soon.