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The Power of Goals, Focus and Teamwork 

The Power of Goals, Focus and Teamwork 

Today we look at the power of goals, focus and teamwork with results from my friends at AppSumo.

 Often we make honest decisions to go in a different direction in our lives but fail.

 We all struggle with this, hence my decision to make time of my extremely busy schedule to write for you every week.


 Here is a story with the ingredients you need to have in place if you will succeed and achieve your dreams.

 Over to the boss at AppSumo, Noah Kahan, who took SumoMe from zero to 1 billion in just a year:


Here’s one big lesson I learned in 2014: Some of the hardest but most life-changing times in life are when you are working towards something but don’t see the immediate progress.

It’s easy to look back and say “It wasn’t that bad!” In actuality, it was hard as HELL trying to grow SumoMe.

Here’s a few things that helped us hit our goal and what you can do for yourself:

1. One clear goal.

Our goal this year was just as insane as it was last year. But the more we had weekly and monthly targets, the more we stayed on track to the end. We would have never seen so much growth and success with SumoMe if we hadn’t set one clear ambitious goal. Focus on reaching one goal (even if it’s crazy) and you’ll be surprised at what you can do.

The moment we hit our goal of 1 billion people!

2. Remove all distractions.

Everything not helping us toward our goal was cut. If we thought about working on a new project or doing something new, we’d first ask ourselves “Does this help us reach our goal?” If it didn’t, we wouldn’t do it.

3. Have only the best people around you.

Instagram was sold for $1 billion when they only had a team of 12. With our small team of amazing people, we don’t waste time working with people that aren’t great. If you want to do extraordinary things you can’t have ordinary people around you.

4. Have fun.

Remember this is your ONE life and you should be doing the things that matter to you and are fun. This doesn’t mean that everything will be easy and you’ll be laughing all the time but if you’re working hard on something and not getting enjoyment from it, ask yourself if your goal is really right for you.

The end! Thanks Noah!!

You can follow Noah Kagan’s at

There you have it friends! Set one clear goal, remove all distractions (i.e. focus), have all the best people around you and have fun!

To your success!


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