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The Secret of Consistent Explosive Growth

The Secret of Consistent Explosive Growth

The Secret of Consistent Explosive Growth

The Secret of Consistent Explosive Growth Photo Credit: Zoopla

This week, I discuss the secret of consistent explosive growth. If you have followed me long enough, you will have discovered that I am not big on “secrets” and conspiracies” as often referred to in articles, seminars and conversations. So when I say “the secret to consistent explosive growth”, it is really a secret I will tell you about.


The Truth About Growth

Growth here is with particular reference to your life, business and relationships. Here is the truth, we are all either growing or dying, and there is no island in between.


If you have been made to believe that growth is something that you can keep once you have attained it then I invite you to think again as there is no such thing. People who know this are always seeking opportunities for growth through, education, relationships, mentorship and seminars.


It is no surprise that the successful people are relentless in their search for growth. You should be the same too, if you will have a good chance at growth and ultimately success.


Earl Nightingale in the Strangest Secrets defined success as the gradual realisation of an ideal purpose. In other words, success is a journey of continuous growth, a marathon with not end to it.


So consider continuous growth as a critical path of life, relationships and business. If your business is not growing, it is dying and it is the same for your life and relationships.


How We Grow

Let us attempt to understand this process as this will help us in this journey of growth and then explosive growth.


We started from being a seed that spent some time developing in our mother’s wombs; no talking, no idea of what we look like etc., and then after a while we were born. And growth started and continued to this day.


From birth, we have always grown by overcoming challenges; from crawling to standing (and falling many times) to walking and then running. As we do, we fail, overcome that challenge and persist until we go to the next stage. In formal education and life generally, we progress/grow but overcoming the challenges and moving to the next stage.


The Secret to Consistent Explosive Growth


I had to quick review how we grow because I thought it is necessary to remind ourselves how we grow before we can aim to achieve explosive growth.

The secret lies in this quote by the great Napoleon Hill;

“Every adversity, every failure, every heart ache carries with it the seed of equal or greater benefit”

When you hit a challenge in your life what is the first thing you do? Most of us freeze or run but here we are taught that there is a seed in any adversity. This then suggests that the best action to take when faced with a challenge is to look for the seed of opportunity in it.


If you really want to grow…

Next time you hit a challenge, I invite you to look closely for that seed. The moment you discover the seed marks the birth of your quantum leap – explosive growth!

All though, it doesn’t look like it just like the Scientist, Thomas Edison said:

“We often miss opportunity because it’s dressed in overalls and looks like work”

Keep the word “seed” in mind; I will come back to it after looking at challenges.


Reaping from challenges

Challenges are there to move us to the next level in life; this is the truth and if you don’t get this there is no way to grow let alone achieving explosive growth. Understand that they are not there to destroy, disrupt or kill you, but are just signals to you that you are due for the next stage or level in your life, business or relationship. Challenges actually become what you perceive them as, this is why it is important to understand what they are especially if you explosive growth.


Think about what would happen if children spent longer times in their mother’s womb, they will not have any change to grow to become men and women. This is how life works, and the good that comes from challenges. Simply put, challenges are there to take you to the next level – explosive growth!

The Magic of the Seed

Now let us return to the “seed” mentioned earlier. Your challenges and hard times have seeds of greater benefits in them. These are called seeds for a reason; seeds are usually planted by farmers and nurtured to maturity to be able to get fruits from them. In most cases, they will continue to yield fruits for a very long time. Let us use the simple example of a corn seed, when you plant one, and nurture it carefully you will receive thousands more in return – that is explosive growth!

Skills for Explosive Growth

Still using the corn seed examples planted by farmers:

  • It is important to ensure that you plant the seed in suitable seasons.


  • You must choose the soil carefully to ensure that your seed will do well in it. (Just like the seeds that fell on good soil and produced many folds in the parable in the Holy Book)


  • You must also learn how to nurture the seed to maturity. Nurturing involves removing the weeds (re-assessing your ideas, dreams and goals and removing aspects that will not encourage growth), watering (continuous improvement), fertilising (acquiring the tools to accelerate growth) and shielding them from all attacks up to maturity (ensuring that the dreams and growth opportunities are protected from distractions by focusing 100% of the desired outcome).


Patience is a Virtue

Maturity of planted seeds requires patience as it takes time for seeds to germinate, grow, fruit and mature. Patience is a virtue they say, so take advantage of this. The most challenging part is germination, when the seed is in the soil and you have no idea of what it happening but remember the keyword – patience.


Seeds are normally planted, so they go down first, rotten and then germinate to grow. You may find yourself lower than you used to be today, this is the stage where you are at. This is a stage where you need to become insignificant in order to experience explosive growth.

To go up, you must go down! So hand in there, wait for it to germinate, keep researching and learning more ensuring that you are continuously growing your skills, working hard and believing in the dreams.


When you do this – your one seed will finally, germinate, grow, fruit, mature and your harvest will be in thousands and that is – explosive growth!


Abundant blessings to you


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