Greatness and
High Performance.

The SWIFT Code for Excellence and Greatness

The SWIFT Code for Excellence and Greatness

The SWIFT Code for Excellence and Greatness

The SWIFT Code for Excellence and Greatness

The SWIFT Code for Excellence and Greatness


One of the most exciting times for me each week is when I sit down to write for you – Warriors. Today, I’d like to share my special code – The SWIFT Code for Excellence and Greatness.

Many years ago, I had this beautiful and perfect life plan. The only problem was that it ended at age 28. Today, it’s over 10 years since I was 28.

This is one of the reasons, I write. To help many young or old people make a long term plan to live out their warrior and achieve greatness and high performance in every way.

At a certain stage in life, we all need to start working on a plan to become whatever we dream to become instead of dreaming it only.

I have come up with some a simple but not easy code – The SWIFT Code for excellence and greatness.

This code, I believe, will put you in a very good position to achieve greatness, excellence and high performance in any chosen profession.

S – Search

S stands for search. To become anything, you must discover that thing first! If you don’t attempt to do this, you will be living life in what I call “Las Vegas” style.

You pursue something you don’t really know. We all know that success can only be judged by our individual abilities to achieve big goals.

So spend time in identifying what you would like to become. This is the journey of self-discovery.

There are 3 guides to this discovery which I have touched on here before but let us go through them again:

1. What do people come to you to seek advice for?

2. Which of these things can you do for a long time without getting bored?

3. What skills do you believe you have?

In the midst of these three lies your genius. Take some time and look for it.

Please note that this must not be a conventional job as many people have started a totally brand new line of work by doing this. Remember, we are talking of excellence and greatness here and this is mainly achieved by people who discover and create new ways.

Once you identify this, you are ready for the next step.


When you discover this, start working on it. Don’t wait to be given an opportunity by anybody, in the words of Seth Godin “Choose yourself”

Remember that you do not need to be an expert before you start but you can surely become an expert if you start working it today! Forget about the size of your steps, start small today and then increase your steps. This one holds a lot of people back from starting at all.

Look for opportunities (big and small) to keep working on your greatness and excellence.

Here is something else you need to do….


Yes, to achieve greatness and excellence you must learn to be an investor.
No just an investor in the business sense but investor in yourself as it is the most important and impactful investment you can make in life.



Take a course, go for training, find a mentor, buy books and study at the every opportunity. Become an insatiable student.
Invest in people by choosing a group of receptive and eager-to-learn people who you can start teaching what you are learning. In case you have not heard, the best way to make the skills and knowledge you are acquiring stick is by teaching other people.

I don’t hide it, this is one of the reasons I write for you here every week. As I learn, I share and that way you benefit from my research and for me I gain a better understanding of what I am learning.

Finally, you must invest in your family because family is critical to the achievement of excellence and greatness. Some people believe they have 2 lives one is work life and the other if work life. Unfortunately, this is not true. If the home/family front is not working, then your business front will not work and excellence and greatness will remain just a dream. So invest in your family.


As a result of these investments, you will discover the need to fix some things in your life and business.


As you invest as stated above, you will be learning a whole bunch of new skills. Use these skills to fix what is not working in your life, business and relationships.


This process must be continuous and endless as there is always room for improvement. And as Tony Robbins put it, invest in continuous and never ending improvement. (CANEI)


This way, you will continue to evolve and become a better person, professional or business person. Even when you have achieved excellence and greatness, you will see the need to keep pushing forward with the changes happening in your area of business and that way you will create a very special class for yourself.


Once you understand this, this only this, the only thing that is awaiting you is to thrive!


This is the state of greatness and excellence. Thriving and occupying the prime position in your chosen area.

However, this is not the end of the journey. At this stage, stay humble, teachable with your eyes wide open to the possibilities available to you.


The biggest temptation at this stage is complacency and living the entitlement lifestyle; where you believe you own and deserve your current status.


Whatever you have achieved can be removed from you any moment so bear this in mind and keep seeking out and creating new opportunities for growth, excellence and greatness.


Abundant blessings to you!!


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