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Trends, Seasons and Your Greatness

Trends, Seasons and Your Greatness

Trends, Seasons and Greatness

Trends, Seasons and Greatness


This week, let’s look at this topic of trends, seasons and your greatness.

Thank you all for the support and kind words I continue to receive on every article I post on this platform and my website. It is the fuel that keeps me fired up to do more. Thank you.

As I always say, we all have unique gifts and talents. I believe these are powered by seeds planted in each and everyone of us.

As we are all unique, so also are the seeds of our talents, gifts and greatness different. It seems obvious but let me show you what this also means.

Seeds of different plants grow in different seasons which means that they will be trendy in those seasons and not trendy in other seasons.

Also, some seeds take 3 weeks to bear fruit whereas others take 3 years. Unfortunately, we look at the trends and then look at our lives and wonder why it is different for us. As we are all unique so also will the time it takes for us to achieve our dreams be different.

Some of us are not achieving anything because we lack the patience and focus to put in the hard work and wait for the seasons to come. Rather we stay on the look out for the current trend and jump in, then it dries up and we get frustrated and go back to look for new trends when we should be putting in the work that our gifts and talents require to mature.

So this week, I want you to recognise that the fact that you are not shining or successful today does not necessarily mean that you on the wrong path. No, it could be that you need to put in more work to mature this seed planted in you in the form of talents and gifts. It may also be that it’s not the season for those gifts to be in trend.

When the time is right, in the right season you will achieve greatness but you must keep working at it and pivoting when required. One day, you will arrive at your promised land if you think, innovate, create and work hard at whatever it is you are working on persistently until it’s the season for your greatness.

I believe this is coming for all us, I hope you believe so too!

Abundant blessings to you!!

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