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Walking in Greatness in the Midst of the Noise

Walking in Greatness in the Midst of the Noise

Walking in Greatness in the Midst of the Noise

Walking in Greatness in the Midst of the Noise Photo Credit: Zoopla UK

Walking in Greatness in the Midst of the Noise


Warriors, you are welcome to this week and the new month! It always feels great to sit and write for you each week, I hope you are gaining some knowledge from these articles, thank you to most of you for the feedback. Please go and subscribe to our newsletter at the website Today, I am writing on walking in greatness in the midst of the noise.


We live in an age of super-fast change and this makes it hard for most of us to catch up with the most recent technologies. I find myself learning about a new technology and before I even go halfway to learning it, it is either that the technology has been updated OR there is another brand new one to learn. By the way, the story is the same in all other areas of life.


Unfortunately, if we live without responding to change, it is impossible to be walking in greatness and achieve all your dreams. This why I thought this was a very important topic to deal with, to help us achieve more in the midst of all the noise and distractions.


What Do You Seek Greatness In?


Before we dive in to the “how”, the first step is to check yourself and ensure that you have firm belief in your greatness. I know I say it often here, but we all have gifts and talents which if worked on can turn into greatness. So ask yourself and answer; “what gifts and talents do I have and what greatness should I pursue with these?”


Finding the answer to this question is very critical if you wish to be walking in your greatness soon. Please make time to think deeply about this because, this will determine whether you will win or lose the battle of greatness.


Cultivate Discipline

According to C.S Lewis, discipline means discipleship. The disciple is that one who has been taught or trained by the master according to the dictionary.


So if you want to be walking in your greatness, you must find the masters in that profession/area of life/business and become a disciple. Disciples, have a better chance of walking in greatness at the end of their apprenticeship because naturally if you are embarking on a journey for the first time, the fasted way to know more about the new place is by speaking to people who have been there.


Therefore, it is important that you find the master in your area of interest, learn from them and then “DO” it – this is true and effective discipleship.


Remember that consistency in the practice of these new things as you learn from the masters is what is called discipline. Greatness never goes on sale, you either pay the dues to get there or you will remain mediocre!


Now let’s look at the “how” of walking in greatness in the midst of the noise.


Create Your Filter

Here is the main magic tip on walking in greatness in the midst of the noise. By “creating a filter” I mean creating a formula to protect yourself from unwanted distraction/noise to enable you consistently be walking in greatness.


This is very important because if you think of a filter and its functions, it stops unwanted things/noise/dirt (in this case activities) to flow through. Some of the efficient filters are;


1.         TO-DO LISTS

The key is to keep it super simple and write them the night before. Aim to have NO MORE THAN THREE THINGS on it every day. Some of the highly successful people have only ONE ITEM on their To Do list each day. And ensure that they are high priority activities that will take you closer to your goals.  Finally tackle the task of highest priority first and work your way down in that order.


2.         CALENDARS

Calendars are very important for filtering but you must do it right for it to be effective. First you must be in total control of your calendar and feel free to cancel activities in your calendar if they become irrelevant.


Ensure you have time allocated to do your actual work, meetings and even lunch. Decline meetings without agenda and ensure that there is time in between meetings to enable you prepare for the next and get the best out of the time. Recommended time limits for meetings are 30 minutes unless the activity genuinely requires more.


With this approach you will find that you will filter a lot of the noise and distractions out of your day and achieve more.



There are always new insights on high performance and achieving greatness despite the noise. Seek them in Podcast, Books, YouTube videos (Brian Tracy is highly recommended) and attending seminars and workshops.


Finally make a deliberate decision to build network connections with people who will help you to improve your output and focus more on what really matters despite all the noise.


Have a fantastic week and abundant blessings to you!




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