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When Winning is not Enough

When Winning is not Enough

In all endeavours winning is a much desired end but let me share this perspective on winning.


Many years ago, while I was in secondary (high) school, our English teacher always gave what I see now as inspirational speeches before starting her lessons. Of all of them, one stuck to me most and it’s about the story of people chasing escaped cows and other people running in the same direction just because some people are running.


The key lesson was to make sure that we make a deliberate decision on which direction we want to go in all endeavours. That teacher happened to be my mother 🙂


It came back to me this week hence the title of this blog…. when winning is not enough!


So I invite you this week to join me and re-examine the victories we are having today in life, career, business and relationships?


We must make sure that all winning desired are aligned to our goals or not just winning any available battle because winning is not enough!


I used to wonder why some people I see as successful are not happy and excited about their success until I learnt this..


This week, let us design a goal and define clearly the real meaning of winning in the different areas of life, career, business and relationships.


When we achieve these goals, then this is true winning, anything outside, you will arrive at a point where…


Winning is not enough!


To your success….


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