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While You Wait

While You Wait

This week we discuss one topic that we all need to hear about more often and that is; what to do while you wait for the big things.

Most times, we find ourselves in situations not quite what where we want to be. It may be in your profession, relationships and business.


Personally, I tend to save the best for last and leave the party for the better days that I am working towards. But is this the best thing to do?

The fact is that today, this week, this year is a part of your life, there are no discounts in one’s lifetime. Hence, any day not used well or enjoyed is an irrecoverable loss!

So while you wait, here are some things you could do in the mean time:

  1. Work on the Building Blocks

Wake up every day with the belief that the destination or the future will be a result of how you have lived today. If today is lived in misery, there is no way it will produce a better future.


Always ask yourself; what is it that I can do today that will take me one step closer to the future I hope for? The answers will surely come, and when it comes do something with it. Self-sabotage is a crime we are all susceptible to, decide to shun it!


  1. Stay Grateful

Remember that everyday has its own blessings and challenges. Face them and do not worry about the worries of tomorrow.

Spend time in gratitude, recognising that even though you don’t have all you need but there are so many other reasons to be grateful.


Going by the terrible things happening in our world today, being alive is enough to be grateful for.


  1. Live in the NOW

Always live in the “NOW”.


This is by no means discouraging you from planning for the future and having big ambitions. No, but I say live in the now because most times the dreams and plans for tomorrow introduces frustration and ingratitude who shuts the doors for growth.


Meditation is a very good tool that can help you with living in the now.


  1. Solve Today’s Puzzle

Success and breakthroughs of the future are always hidden behind puzzles that if you can solve them today, then it’s all yours.

It’s no surprise that many people who seek do not find because they are not patient enough to solve these puzzles.

The puzzle may be taking up a small job that might lead you to relationships that will transport you to a future you never even dreamed of.


I have many personal stories of people I met doing totally different things, who helped me to climb a totally different ladder that helped me grow tremendously.

In this journey, remember that whatever you want for the future is a dream; it’s not real yet so stay humble.


Also, the puzzle could be in helping out a charity and from there you can create life changing relationships.

The bottom-line here is; irrespective of what you want to become, remember that it is a journey and a journey of a thousand miles as they say starts with a step.


That step is right in front of you, it is the puzzle, so go ahead and take it!

  1. Stay Alert

Look out for opportunities and use them. It doesn’t matter how big or small they seem.


I don’t believe that the men and women who created great things started out thinking it is going to take over the world. So pursue the opportunities you see.


Keep your eyes open and do not ignore opportunities around you today.


Stay awake to your dream!


  1. Work Hard

Finally, wherever you find yourself, make hard work your motto.

Yes, it may be the wrong job or business but be a person known for hard work.

The truth about hard work is that it has a way of rewarding people who are not too clever. We may not all be clever, but if you are a hard worker, you can even be ahead of clever people.

Also, people are watching. Stories abound where people have been spotted by total strangers for new opportunities and awards. You could next.

There you have it; what to do while you wait: Work on the Building Blocks, Stay Grateful, live in the NOW, Solve Today’s Puzzle, Stay Alert and Work Hard. Have a great week!

To your success!


As usual, please leave your comments below and share with your friends if you believe they will benefit. Have a great week and speak soon.