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Your Dream Life is Do OR Die !

Your Dream Life is Do OR Die !

Not quite that, in the literal sense but what if I say it is.

Your mission, dream and authentic life are “do or die” affairs…

This is how important I believe it is. I thought I should remind you that whatever you want to achieve; your life actually depends on it.


I’ll tell you exactly why I think so:

Let’s say you have a job but you don’t like it. Year in, year out, you struggle with it, and know that of a truth, you do not enjoy it.

But each day you go back to it.

As you do, the frustration continues to grow and we all know that frustration causes all sorts of health problems.


You don’t like your boss, your colleagues sulk, the commute is seriously tasking and the pay is not enough.

All these and even more make the list very scary and frustrating.

If you live with all these, surely you are dying slowly.

I urge you today to wake up to this responsibility and live the life of your dream; make the decision, build a plan, take the risk, start working on it today and start failing your way to your dream.


In the words of Seth Godin, ignore your lizard brain that is always stopping you from doing the needful, accept this responsibility today and take the bold steps.

It’s your life, live it!


To your success.


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