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Your Time is NOW! Use it wisely

Your Time is NOW! Use it wisely

Your Time is NOW! Use it wisely

Your Time is NOW! Use it wisely

Your Time is NOW! Use it wisely


Warriors, welcome to a brand new season in the life of the Unchained Warrior Movement. Thank you for sticking around while I dealt with some other personal obligations around my business and recharge for the future of this blog. Today we look at “Your Time is Now! Use it wisely”.


First, I want to thank a number of you who have contacted me to check that everything is ok since I have missed a few of my writing schedule. It is great to know that some people care about you and I want say that I do the same for all of you too which is why I make time to write for you every week as I learn more about human optimisation and personal improvement.


I am hoping that it will be a short one today so let us go to the topic of today which is; “Your time is now! use it wisely.”


I am grateful that we are all living in these times with all the challenges of security, hunger, disease and all sorts of frustration because I believe that we have been deemed capable of dealing with any issue in the time of our lives. Remember, Edison came when there was no light bulb and he made it happen so have so many other inventors done in the past. I know that we have people in this generation who can tackle and solve all the world’s problems today. It is important to realise that this is our time.


There are so many wars and threats to human existence today which becomes overwhelming sometimes and most of us loose hope. However, I believe that there is a fundamental belief that strips us of all the power we have which is summed up in this sentence; “There are so many issues and I can’t see myself solving them so there is no need to try”


Unfortunately this is deeply flawed. If you have followed me for a while, you will know that I have a life goal of unchaining at least 1 billion people all over the world to live to their full potential as unchained warriors. To me this is not a gamble even though I understand that this is not a mean fit and sounds unrealistic but I have no doubt that this is possible. This is because I understand the power of ripple effect.


So this means, you read my blog or listen to my podcast and catch an idea that you can share with somebody who shares it with the next person gradually the ideas will catch fire and reach the ends of the world!


Call to Action

This is my call to action for you today; whatever pre-conceptions you had about your ability to change the world, please drop it and pick up this idea that change starts from one person and can reach all over the world if we can all take the responsibility to spread the message to at least one person.


Warriors, this is your time, use it wisely. In the midst of all the wars, immigration crisis, hunger and starvation, can you just help one person? It may be that they just need someone to talk to, or some food to feed their family or even money to buy medicine to get better. Take this and do it for just one person today. Use your time on this earth wisely because I know that we are well equipped to be living in these times and season.


I repeat, you do not need to feed a village, just feed one person but do it today. Find something that is going wrong in our world today and fix it, yes just do the little you can and leave the rest and if we all do a little this message will go round the world and it will be a better place just because you tried and just because I tried.


Finally, I know that the times are hard but I also know that this is just a season and it will surely pass not on its own but by each of us taking responsibility to make the little change we can make every day starting today.


Warriors, Your time is now! use it wisely. This is my time also, I am committing today to use the rest of my time wisely! Will you do the same? If so what will you do? I would really like to hear, please leave me a comment below, it might even be something we can both do together.


Abundant blessings to you.


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