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You’ve Got The Power !

You’ve Got The Power !

This week, here is my message for you….


What changes and challenges have you dismissed as impossible to you in the past? The great news is that you actually have the power and can accomplish beyond your wildest dreams.

Bill Gates said something interesting about this topic;

If you think you are too small to make a difference, get in a room with a mosquito !

If a mosquito can make a diiference, how much more YOU and I ?

Henry Ford the great entrepreneur also said:

If you think you can OR can’t, you are right.

It all starts with believing in your ability to achieve OR in the magnification of the challenge or accomplishment you are considering…

I dare you today to return to the drawing board and dream really big and then even bigger,

  1. write down your dreams,
  2. create your goals and
  3. go to work on it every single day!

You will be amazed at the possibilities in the world!

Great men and women have been here and triumphed.. building unbelievable and unimaginable things of their ages. I see no reason why it cannot happn for you and I today if only we can make the decision and focus on it.

Is it easy ? No ! Is it painful ? Hell yes! Will you be riddiculled? You bet!

The most important question for you should be… Is it possible ? The answer is “YES” !

All things are possible if you believe. Whitney Houston wrote.. there can be miracle if you believe….

So I encourage you today to think about this…..

We all have one life to live… Hence one chance to make an impact on the world and as you read, time is flying. Your life history is being written right now. Surely, it will be great if you made it intersting 🙂

This week, think on these things, make a decision to achieve big. Recognise that you and you alone have the power to achieve the big dreams you have…

Many great men and women of old have done, today it’s your turn, my turn…. Let’s accept this challenge because it is true that..


I encourage you to share this message to any friend, busioness associate or colleague who you think will benefit from this message. Also leave your comments in the box below. Thank you.

To your success…